Airbus 250


Airbus 250

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Product Information

250mm premium high powered side ducted exhaust fan engineered to maintain high airflow over longer duct runs. Back-draft damper and plug & lead included.
Available in Square or Round 

  • Higher airflow
  • Designed for longer duct runs
  • Ideal for multi-story applications
  • Premium ball bearing motor
  • Super low profile
  • Easy to install and clean
  • Back-draft shutter included
Product Codes:
640-PVPX250WH White, Round
640-PVPX250WHSQ White, Square
640-PVPX250 Motor only
640-ABG250WHRD White, Round, Grille only
640-ABG250SSRD Silver, Round, Grille only
640-ABG250BLRD Black, Round, Grille only
640-ABG250WHSQ White, Square, Grille only
640-ABG250SSSQ Silver, Square, Grille only
640-ABG250BLSQ Black, Square, Grille only


Category: Exhaust Fans
Material: Plastic
IP Rating: X4
Light Source: N/A
Finishes: White
Dimensions: ROUND: 328, Ø 296 Cut-Out (round) SQUARE: 328 x 328, Ø 296 Cut-Out (round)


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