Tooy's mission is to create products recognized as versatile and original from both an aesthetic and functional point of view.

Inspired by the idea of creating highly propositive products in the decorative lighting panorama, Tooy offers a variety of lighting types, combining materials and finishes chosen with a keen eye to current trends, which make its products suitable to both the private and the contract sectors.

Tooy lamps are decorative elements with a strong aesthetic sense - simple in appearance, though highly sophisticated. Balancing traditional art forms to continuous research and experimentation, TOOY creates unique and recognizable products, able to meet the needs of a market segment particularly attentive to taste and originality.

In addition to the strong decorative character of its products and to the particular and elegant image of the brand, an important added value is given by the typically Italian craftsmanship of the manufacturer and the precious raw material used for the production.

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