• Myabi By SHAPES

    Myabi By SHAPES

    Playfully simple.

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  • Pip by FAZE

    Pip by FAZE

    Balanced proportions and clean, simple design.

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  • Kushi Floor XL by KUNDALINI

    Kushi Floor XL by KUNDALINI

    A tribute to light, design & food.

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  • Hive by GRAYPANTS

    Hive by GRAYPANTS

    Warm, intimate, and functional lighting for any space.

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  • Nabila by TOOY

    Nabila by TOOY

    50s inspired collection of elegant and sophisticated lamps

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In 1988, our vision was bold yet beautifully simple: to illuminate Australia’s building and architectural market with the most unique, functional and breathtaking lighting.

Decades later, Radiant Lighting stands as the pinnacle of design, innovation and expertise. Representing the world’s best manufacturers and designers, Radiant Lighting has become the aspirational name for customised lighting solutions in the commercial, residential, architectural, retail and industrial sectors.

Today, you’ll find Radiant Lighting in Perth, Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane, with brands from Italy, Germany, Switzerland and Spain.

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