About Us

About Us

Established in 1988, we started with the belief that we could provide quality, innovation, and outstanding design to the Perth building and architectural market.

From 1988 we continued to grow our business, acquiring a range of products and relationships with the world’s leading manufacturers and designers of high quality luminaires. Today, with agencies from Italy, Germany, Switzerland and Spain, we represent the finest lighting ranges for both the commercial and residential sectors.

Being the national agent for our brands, we have expanded to include representation of our products in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.

We continue to strive for excellence by working closely with our clients in order to understand their lighting needs and produce design solutions that inspire and delight.

Lighting Excellence

Our display area showcases fixtures from the world's greatest lighting designers, names like FontanaArte, Lucente, Morosini, Evistyle, Hunza, Lombardo and Ansorg, names of the best European studios that resonate with style, beauty and quality.

For us lighting is not just a product we sell, it’s a way of life. We source the world's most elegant luminaires that we believe will alter the way you perceive the relationship between light and shadow, brightness and colour, style and quality.

When we talk about excellence we aren't speaking of superior fabrication techniques, we're making a statement about the perception of how your lighting requirements will be translated into reality in an environment that is both subtle and bold at the same time. This is what we do every day of our lives.

Our Success

Success isn't measured on a cash flow curve; it's measured by satisfaction, yours and ours. Our products span every category of fixture from residential to commercial and it's our experience in planning, procuring and delivering that ensure our success.

Our international agencies represent design of astonishing beauty. From a simple recessed spotlight to a tangled medusa of LED globes, from the garden to the wine cellar, from pool to kitchen we can assist in planning and implementing a lighting strategy that works for you.

We take pride in what we do, the success we’ve achieved and continue to achieve today. This success begins with the assistance of our design consultants making sure your project comes to life with lights that are found no where else in Australia.

Lighting Design Service

We provide eloquent lighting solutions by shaping your living and working environment, highlighting architectural details and allowing you the flexibility to create different moods.

Correct lighting is not guesswork it's based on knowledge, experience and above all access to the world's best luminaires. Our team of professional lighting consultants are available to help you find the ideal solution to your requirements in custom built showrooms and display areas.

Our Showroom

Our showrooms and display areas are purpose-built so you can view lighting as it changes the ambience and mood of its surroundings. This very special environment allows access to every piece where you can touch and view a multitude of fittings in alternative lighting conditions.

From Concept to Construction

It starts with an idea. From this simple beginning it travels through a transformative process that is only concluded when you turn the switch on. There is no one single element that by itself makes a finished installation, it is the synthesis of planning, selection, comparison - it is how the fittings are selected, how they're installed, how they complement the room.

The scope of our products travel from residential to commercial and industrial applications - the combination of our own in-house Australian designed fixtures and the greatest of the European suppliers allows us to cater for every circumstance and solution.