Floor Lamps

There are some items that can transform an entire space. These items can change any room; from drab to dreamy, cold to cozy. A floor lamp can be one of those items. Bringing atmosphere, personality and style all at once, splashing colour where needed, adding life to where it lacks.
Kundalini’s La La Lamp is one such floor lamp. With a funky shape, and warm glow it can add to any space it’s placed. In the right hands, this work of art can add shape, colour and personality to an otherwise dull space. Radiant Lighting’s collections are filled with many lighting solutions that can do just the same. Boasting a stock range that is stylish and functional, choosing a beautiful floor lamp is not only easy, but its smart.
Radiant Lighting is dedicated to providing eloquent lighting that helps you in creating the perfect space. They want to work closely with you to supply a lighting solution that matches your need. Continue to explore their beautiful online selection and find something that can transform your space. 

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