Suspension Lighting

Some trends were never meant to last. They disappear almost as quickly as they arrive, leaving only timeless designs to continue on. These trends, the ones that last, stick around for a reason. The reason could be a number of things, but there is always a reason.
Suspension and pendant lighting is one such trend. From ancient chandeliers to current designs from Lombardo and Modo, they have become a staple in interior design and a platform for beautiful and clever creativity.
The Radiant Lighting store in Perth is home to a massive collection of suspended pendant lights that vary in shape, material, size, style and much more. With modern designs from Novalux, to the more classic style by Evistyle, the range can be used in any room.
Search through the Radiant Lighting Suspended Lighting Collection to discover the right solution for your home. Imagine how each style, each design will interact with your space, and know, that these pendant lights are around for a reason.

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