KDLN develop and produce innovative and outrageous lighting themes, symptomatic of strong identity and product culture expression. A perfectly calibrated synthesis of function and emotion.

KDLN produces original, eye-catching lamps that have won a variety of awards around the world. Starting in 1996, KDLN is a brand with
a strong identity, it’s unconventional spirit has always merged the subtle poetry of shape to maximum functionality and handiness; moulding

the finest materials through cutting-edge processes.

KDLN’s luminaires all have a cosmopolitan style, they are innovative and sophisticated. Every KDLN product is the fruit of a strong concept and tells the story of a specific creative and technological journey.

KDLN lamps are characterised by a sense of colour and geometry that is always fresh and high with creative content. Nature, industrial scenarios & the visual arts are just a few of the contexts observed and reinterpreted to create lamps where shape and function are intertwined.

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