ST50 High Power


ST50 High Power

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Product Information

The HUNZA™ SafeTouch™ 50 inground uplighter is a more compact version of the ST150, designed and developed not only to produce optically pure light but also to achieve the lowest possible operating temperatures and energy consumption.

This luminaire is extremely tough, durable and waterproof, making it ideal for installation in public spaces and large-scale projects.

Public safety is the primary objective in the construction of SafeTouch™ 50. A revolutionary, new mounting canister substantially increases heat transfer into the ground rather than the luminaire, allowing all exposed surfaces to operate at the coolest possible temperature. This canister provides solid and secure mounting for the luminaire as well as an effortless installation system for the contractor.

Energy conservation is paramount. SafeTouch™ 50 metal halide luminaires feature the exclusive use of electronic ballasts to produce minimal heat with maximum energy efficiency and reliability. Electronic ballasts deliver 30% longer lamp life and have a significantly better ‘end of life’ control of the lamp compared with magnetic ballasts.

The SafeTouch™ 50 range offers many choices of light source, including metal halide,mini white son (sodium) and halogen. Accessories include coloured lenses, asymmetric lenses and hex louvres.

Beam Angles: 15°, 30°, 40°, 70°

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Product Codes:

73-3804-15 (Stainless Steel, Retro)
73-3814 (Stainless Steel, Series)
73-3812 (Solid Bronze, Incl canister)
73-3813 (Solid Bronze, Direct Burial)

*Other codes available upon request


Designer: Hunza
Category: Architectural Lighting
Material: Solid Bronze and Stainless Steel
IP Rating: 67
Light Source: Pure LED Cree MTG-2
Finishes: Bronze/Stainless Steel
Dimensions: Ø 220 x 325 (H) mm
Line Drawing: View


line drawing


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