What’s Old is New Again – Individual Style Returns

By Radiant Lighting | 17 Sep 2018 | 0 Comments

It has been an exciting return to form with lighting and interior design of late, reaching into pockets across the ages for design inspiration and it is fair to say at this time- anything goes! It’s a time to be individual and creative and fresh. Do what works for you and your space and your life. The concept of doing what’s popular is starting to dissolve and new styles are emerging by going back to a great time of function and form.

“My advice to whoever asks me how to make a home is to not have anything, just a few shelves for books, some pillows to sit on. And then, to take a stand against the ephemeral, against passing trends... and to return to lasting values.”
-- Gae Aulenti


Like fashion we also see trends occur time and again with interior styling and design. Much of the last several years we have seen a devotion to Mid-Century Modern lighting returning to the fore, with pop colours, gloss enamel pendants, clean lines and slight nod to kitsch.

This style has been less prominent of late with the resurgence of a mix of Art Deco meets Modern, going back to artisanal production and materials with brushed brass, nickel, textured fabric cables, exposed conduits and oversized coach lighting.


Long standing design houses such as FontanaArte have reproduced their archival classics, with brushed brass detailing and glass shades and diffusers, creating a new sophistication in feature lighting that is flowing from ceiling mounted through to wall lighting. The new design styles emerging are also heavily influenced by 1980’s design with heavy retro rainbow coloured glass and bright powder coats.

Interior styling has also been welcoming back gilded edges and moody, indirect lighting that is lending itself to a more ambient and moody atmosphere with lighting. Additionally, a more traditional wall sconce taking preference over the ultra-modern LED recess fittings, creating more of a pared-back effect in the lighting layout.

We are seeing more use of minimal overhead lighting throughout the home and introducing clever means to create a lighting source. Concealed lighting, using lighting in a reflective manner, wall washing, all of these allowing feature lights to take centre stage.

Less is more in terms of the way we approach , understanding that function is key, and much like fashion at the moment, we are spoiled for choice.

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