Modern Lighting

Modern lighting design has the incredible ability to influence both the feel and function of a space. It's about showcasing clean lines, celebrating minimalism, and striking the perfect balance between beauty and practicality.  Furthermore, modern fixtures often incorporate energy-efficient solutions and seamlessly integrate with smart home technology, offering convenience and customisation at your fingertips.

Purposeful Placement: Light as a Design Element

Modern lighting treats each fixture as a purposeful tool within your overall design. Instead of relying on a uniform blanket of light, consider how placement can guide the eye, define zones or add intrigue.

Uplighting, with fixtures like the Sottile 380, creates a sense of drama, drawing the eye upwards to emphasise architectural details or artwork.  Linear fixtures that wash a wall with light can make a space feel more expansive and highlight unique textures.  Grazing light, where fixtures are placed close to a surface, plays with shadow and accentuates the beauty of natural materials like wood or stone.  For a unique twist, think outside the box – LED strip lighting integrated into stair railings offer both safety and a striking element.


A good lighting scheme is all about creating depth through layers.  Let's break down the key components:
  • Ambient Lighting: This is your baseline, providing overall illumination. Opt for options like recessed lights, minimalist pendants, or sleek ceiling fixtures that blend into the space's design.
  • Task Lighting: Focused light ensures you can comfortably and effectively carry out specific activities. Under-cabinet lighting in the kitchen, adjustable reading lamps in the living room, and targeted desk lamps in your workspace are all essential.
  • Accent Lighting: Think of this as highlighting your favourite features. Spotlights draw attention to artwork, picture lights showcase a special piece, and cove lighting creates a warm, indirect glow that defines architectural elements.
The magic lies in how these layers interact.  The Cini&Nils Flip 500 is a fantastic example – it provides ample central light for general purposes, but when combined with strip lighting along feature walls or subtle wall sconces, you elevate the entire space.  Don't underestimate the power of colour temperature either – warm light promotes relaxation, while cooler tones are ideal for concentration and focus.

Room-by-Room Modern Lighting Guide

Let's delve into the nuances of modern lighting in specific areas of your home.
  • Bathroom: The bathroom is a space where modern lighting truly shines.  Clean lines, uncluttered surfaces, and a spa-like ambiance are paramount.  Backlit mirrors using strip lighting offer superb ambient lighting while adding a sleek touch. Feature wall lights introduce an element of luxury and allow for visual play. Dimmable options are always a smart choice in the bathroom, allowing you to tailor the mood from functional to serene.
  • Living Room:  This space calls for statement fixtures that double as art pieces. Blend recessed lighting for ambiance with floor lamps or table lamps that can be repositioned as needed, ensuring flexibility for different activities.
  • Kitchen:  Task lighting under cabinets is non-negotiable. Over islands or dining tables, pendants or chandeliers introduce personality – consider minimalist designs that complement your cabinetry and hardware. Smart lighting is exceptionally useful in the kitchen, allowing for hands-free adjustments and changes in colour temperature depending on the time of day.
  • Bedroom:  The bedroom is your sanctuary, so prioritise ambiance. Dimmable lighting is crucial, as are beautiful bedside lamps that blend seamlessly with your décor. Integrated lighting within headboards or under bed frames creates a luxurious and unexpected touch.
  • Entryway & Hallways: This first impression space deserves attention! A statement pendant or chandelier sets the tone for your home's style, while wall sconces or recessed lighting provide ample illumination for safe entry and exit. Often neglected, hallways can be transformed with the right lighting.  Linear fixtures that run the length of the space add visual interest and create a sense of expansiveness.  Wall sconces break up long corridors and provide both a visual anchor and safe passage.
  • Dining Room: A statement chandelier or sculptural fixture immediately creates a focal point in this gathering space. Ensure there's adequate light directly over the dining table, but don't neglect dimming capabilities for creating a warm, intimate atmosphere during meals.
  • Home Office: Productivity is key in a workspace. Blend focused task lighting, like a high-quality desk lamp, with ambient light to reduce eye strain and avoid harsh shadows. Carefully consider the colour temperature of your bulbs – cooler tones can increase alertness and promote focus.
  • Outdoor Spaces: Modern lighting extends beyond your home's interior. Landscape lighting adds both beauty and security, highlighting pathways, trees, or water features. Wall-mounted fixtures create ambiance on patios and decks for outdoor entertaining. Integrated lighting in deck steps or along fences enhances safety and adds a touch of sophistication.

Materials and Finishes

Your choice of materials and finishes plays a crucial role in achieving your desired aesthetic.   Here are some of the most popular choices in contemporary lighting design:
  • Natural Textures: Wood, stone, and woven materials introduce warmth and an organic feel to modern spaces. Look for fixtures that incorporate these elements in unexpected ways, blending clean lines with natural beauty.  Our pick?  The Graypants Scraplights range.  Each piece is handcrafted from recycled cardboard and they provide warm, intimate, and functional lighting for any space.
  • Metallic Accents: Brushed brass, matte black, chrome, and other metallic finishes are timeless choices that add a touch of luxury. Consider how the finish works with your existing hardware and décor to create a cohesive look.
  • The Power of Glass: Glass fixtures offer endless possibilities, from frosted or blown glass shades that soften light diffusion to clear glass showcasing the beauty of the bulb itself. Glass can be incorporated in minimalist geometric forms or as a statement piece with an artistic flair.

Trends to Watch

Keep your space feeling fresh and on-trend with these exciting lighting developments:
  • Statement Sculptures: Fixtures are becoming works of art in their own right. Look for bold geometric shapes, unexpected materials, and designs that push the boundaries of traditional lighting.
  • Biophilic Design: Lighting inspired by nature is on the rise. This might involve fixtures that mimic natural light patterns, incorporate elements like leaves or branches, or utilise materials that evoke a connection to the outdoors.
  • Ultra-Slim Profiles: Minimalism taken to the extreme! LED strips and linear fixtures are becoming increasingly slim, blending seamlessly into architecture and creating a clean, futuristic look.