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Linea is an innovative acoustic baffle and linear lighting system specially designed for large open spaces. Boasting award-winning design, Linea delivers superior noise-absorbing properties, class-leading LED performance, innovative technology, and a host of options for design flexibility. This modular fixture can be used independently or in long continuous runs across expansive environments, making it ideal for offices, boardrooms, cafes, and classrooms. Alternate lit and baffle Lineas to achieve a cohesive lighting and acoustic solution.

*Product codes available upon request.


Category: Suspension Lighting
Material: PET | Camira Blazer
IP Rating: 20
Light Source: LED 26W - 65W per Metre
Finishes: Beige/Black/Blue/Flourescent Yellow/Grey/Pink/Red/White
Mounting Type: Ceiling
Dimensions: See line drawing
Line Drawing: View


line drawing

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