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Bell is a lamp that confronts our usual perception of lamps as something static. Thomas Holst Madsen has designed a modern lamp which is ideal for use in restaurants, cafés, hotels, retail stores, conference rooms and private homes. The simple suspension, implementing a stick on which the shade is hanging and adding the tilt function has created a unique lamp. The distribution of light is essential to the design and the lighting effects generated through the sides and top of Bell+ were from the beginning important design features.
Dimmability dependant on bulb.

Product Codes:
Oak Wood Rod: Aluminium Rod:
Ø16: Ø 16:
59-D10P116702 (White) 59-U10P116702 (White)
59-D10P116703 (Black) 59-U10P116703 (Black)
Ø 20: Ø 20:
59-D10P120702 (White) 59-U10P12072 (White)
59-D10P120703 (Black) 59-U10P12073 (Black)
Ø 30: Ø 30:
59-D10P130702 (White) 59-U10P13072 (White)
59-D10P130703 (Black) 59-U10P13073 (Black)
Ø 70: Ø 70:
59-D10P170702 (White) 59-U10P17072 (White)
59-D10P170703 (Black) 59-U10P17073 (Black)


Designer: Thomas Holst Madsen
Category: Suspension Lighting
Material: Aluminium | Oak or Aluminium Rod
IP Rating: 20
Light Source: G9: Ø16 | E27: Ø 20, Ø 30, Ø 70
Finishes: Black/White
Dimensions: Ø 16 | Ø 20 | Ø 30 | Ø 70 cm
Line Drawing: View


line drawing

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