Path Lite 1


Path Lite 1

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Product Information

The Path Lite is ideal for lighting flat areas, decks, paved courtyards or edge lighting paths. This luminaire has a low profile (20mm or 3/4” high) and directs light horizontally through a frosted glass lens to reduce glare. Available with a choice of either 1, 2, 3 or 4 facets depending on the light pattern required.
Beam Angle: 180° or 90°

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Product Codes:

Stainless Steel Solid Copper
73-515 (180°) 73-510 (180°)
73-515F (Flange Only, 180°) 73-510F (Flange Only, 180°)
73-515PURE (PureLED, 180°) 73-510GU (GU10, 180°)
73-517 (90°) 73-512 (90°)
73-517RGB (RGB LED, 90°) 73-512PURE (PureLED, 90°)
73-517PURE (PureLED, 90°) 73-512GU (GU10, 90°)
73-517GU10 (GU10, 90°)  


Designer: Hunza
Category: Outdoor Lighting
Material: Copper and Stainless Steel
IP Rating: 66
Light Source: Halogen 1 x 35W MR16 or LED 1 x 6W
Finishes: Copper/Stainless Steel
Dimensions: Ø 88 x 88.5 (H) mm
Line Drawing: View


line drawing

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