Line Opal


Line Opal

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The LINE OPAL is as practical as it is stylish, it can be surface mounted or suspended; providing flexibility across both residential and commercial projects. If the four different lengths are not enough, you can connect them together and create your own.

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Product Codes:

600mm, 15W, White, 3000K      7-LI410615W903
600mm, 15W, White, 4000K      7-LI410615W904
600mm, 15W, Black, 3000K       7-LI410615B903
600mm, 15W, Black, 4000K       7-LI410615B904

1200mm, 30W, White, 3000K     7-LI411230W903
1200mm, 30W, White, 4000K     7-LI411230W904
1200mm, 30W, Black, 3000K      7-LI411230B903
1200mm, 30W, Black, 4000K      7-LI411230B904

1800mm, 45W, White, 3000K      7-LI411845W903
​1800mm, 45W, White, 4000K      7-LI411845W904
​1800mm, 45W, Black, 3000K       7-LI411845B903
​1800mm, 45W, Black, 4000K       7-LI411845B904

2400mm, 60W, White, 3000K     7-LI412460W903
2400mm, 60W, White, 4000K     7-LI412460W904
2400mm, 60W, Black, 3000K      7-LI412460B903
2400mm, 60W, Black, 4000K      7-LI412460B904


Designer: FAZE
Category: Ceiling Lights
Material: Aluminium
IP Rating: 40
Light Source: 15W | 30W | 40W | 60W
Lumen Output: 1200 lm | 2300 lm | 3900 lm | 4600 lm (3000K)
Finishes: Black/White
Mounting Type: Ceiling/Surface/Wall
Line Drawing: View


line drawing

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