Environmental Sustainability

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A lot goes into the design of our products and sustainability is a huge part of that. We are committed to contributing towards building a better environment through a number of different practices.

Safer & Smarter
We have designed our fittings to last as long as possible. In addition to this, our focus on customer service ensures a simple process to have any issues resolved in the event your light needs restoring- because the longer you have them, the longer we are all conserving resources. As a result of thorough evaluations, we have eliminated the use of harmful chemicals from our products. Instead, we use laser printing on all of our drivers which therefore eradicates the use of toxic ink. This commitment not only sets us apart from the rest, but also reduces risk to your health, as well as the environment’s.

Reduced Packaging
Waste from packaging is one of the biggest causes of today’s environmental issues, so we have made it a priority to reduce ours by 30%. Through this redesign, we have re-engineered the manufacturing process; consuming less energy and creating lighter & smaller packages for less fuel consumption during shipment.

Energy Efficient Lighting
LED’s are the latest in lighting technology, using approximately 80% less electricity than halogen globes. Reducing energy consumption, LED’s therefore help cut greenhouse gas emissions that are harmful to the environment. LED’s also last up to 30 years, saving you the inconvenience of having to regularly purchase and replace globes.
By using LED’s you can therefore generate huge savings on your electricity bill, as well as contribute to building a better environment. What’s not to love?

Warehouse Impact
Our completely electric, automated shrink-wrapping machine stretches out plastic by 400%. This is one of the most environmentally friendly ways to pack pallets and get our lights safely delivered to you without any damage. We also have fully electric machinery in our warehouse that produce zero emissions during operation, so there is no need for warehouse ventilation. Also our electric forklift doesn’t have an engine, therefore eliminating the process of having to dispose of the waste fluids a standard forklift produces. Our warehouse is now much safer for our workers and the wider environment.

Solder Free
Soldering can lead to serious chronic health effects, not to mention negative environmental consequences. Reducing the use of solder wherever possible is just one of the ways we are lowering our environmental footprint. Our LED connection is now completely solder free, this process is actually stronger and more reliable under high heat conditions.

Tips for your home
Task Lighting is an energy saving strategy in itself, by installing practical task lights around your home, you won't light unoccupied spaces and you will use a fraction of the energy; all while still achieving an ample amount of light for your chosen space. 

Turn your lights off when you aren't using them. As obvious as this may seem, it is something that so many of us forget to do. Why not automate the process, by installing motion sensors you won't waste energy and you won't need to worry about remembering to turn them off. You can explore our Casambi Bluetooth Integration, including sensors, here.

Dimming technology is another way of reducing your utility bill and improving your quality of life. Energy saving is the most important benefit of installing a dimmer switch because by dimming your lights you are reducing the power flowing to the bulb (therefore also extending it’s lifespan) So you can create ambience whilst also saving energy, win/win!

Meet our Design Consultants
If you would like more information or tips on how you can save energy in your home, come in and have a chat with one of our Design Consultants! They can help you create a bespoke lighting plan that is not only energy efficient, but will look great for years to come. 

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