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Here at Radiant Lighting we have completely reviewed and enhanced our LED Strip lighting collection, with the most recent addition; the Flow & Flow Plus. The design process for this series was extensive, as we wanted to make sure we provided the absolute best for our clients. This resulted in LED strip that is completely unmatched in both quality and durability. The Flow series provide flexible, seamless, high quality light emission for both indoor and outdoor applications, and with a CRI of 90+ and a SDCM rating of ≤2, we can guarantee that they will provide the highest calibre of light both at the time of installation and for years to come. 

One of the leading features of the Flow series is its ability to be manipulated and flexed, which allows for completely new design opportunities across all curved and angled surfaces. Available in both top and side configurations, in a number of different wattages, Flow & Flow Plus will lead the way in customisation and creative design.

Faze Flow Top is perfect for designs that require direct light with a vertical bend. 

Faze Flow Side emits light sideways and is ideal for curving around surfaces where you require indirect light. 

Flow is made with only the highest quality materials, from the advanced silicone strip to IP67 polycarbonate connectors. Flow can be used both indoors, outdoors and even during rainfall; without any damage and for a much longer time period.

Simplicity is also a big factor when designing our luminaires, so we took all the hard work out of LED Strip. We now provide our very own cut-to-length assembling service right here in Perth, where our Flow Top & Flow Side can be cut and supplied in 50mm increments, all the way up to 27m on a single power feed. This means you can be much more precise when planning how much light you require for your project. 

Flow has a bending radius of up to 240mm and light sources of either 5 or 10W per meter; providing much more flexibility and versatility than ever before. Flow also has a large range of accessory options, so you can customise your design exactly how you want it. 

Our Faze Flow Plus Strip is the best of its class. Constructed of a single polyurethane body, it is not only seamless in design but strong and flexible in function. Even the harshest conditions are not an issue for the Flow Plus, with an IP rating of 68 and complete UV resistance, it is the perfect solution for any outdoor application, including under water.

Flow Plus has one of the highest rated lifetimes on offer for LED Strip, ensuring long lasting and reliable light for many years. Available in 1m 3m or 5m lengths with various end cap connections, light emitting configurations and wattages; Flow Plus is the pinnacle of versatile lighting; supporting all possible design needs and providing seamless illumination that is second to none. 

For more information regarding the Flow series, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of our experienced lighting designers here. Or view the specification sheets for each option here.  
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