Choosing the right pendant light for your home

By Radiant Lighting | 24 May 2017 | 0 Comments

Whether making a bold statement or providing functional lighting, pendant lighting is a beautiful feature in any home.

When it comes to selecting pendant lighting, taste and style vary greatly. The decision to install a pendant in the home will be an individual one. The finishes in the space and function of the fitting will be the best indicators to guide you.
Additionally, architectural factors are considered with the scale of the room, ceiling height and task it will be required for. Kitchens, as an example, generally demand a functional light output when used above preparation areas. Lighting above a dining table must be somewhat ambient and ensure guests are not being assaulted by too much glare. Stair voids will require some length and breadth, to ensure the lighting provides the most style impact in the space. All the while these fittings require some function in addition to beautiful form.
Across our 18 brands, we have curated a variation of styles to suit any application. Whether a minimal linear LED in the Ribag Metron, clean, organic lines in the Scandinavian stylings of Shapes or Daro, or something completely subversive in the Kundalini Yumma. The only thing you could complain about is being spoiled for choice.
Our consultants are all qualified in interior design and architecture, we are exceptionally passionate about design and are available to assist with any questions you have about what direction to go in and how best to make your selections, it is all part of the service and what we love to do.
Below is a small selection of our current best sellers, and trending suspension lights for any application.

Brass Pendant Lighting

      Yuma - Kundalini          Lanna - Kundalini                     Legier - Tooy                      Molly - Tooy

Multilight Pendants

                                 Nabila - Tooy                                                                       Filipa - Tooy

                                                                            Muiltiball - Modo

                                Muse - Tooy                                                                     Mikado - Morosini

Black Pendant Lighting

                        Summera - Shapes                         Paso Wood - Daro                       Muse Single - Tooy

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