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The Faze Fusion LED strip collection is ideal for use along ceilings, walls, cabinetry, stairways and much more. We have completely reviewed and enhanced this LED strip lighting collection, with new additions that support all of your lighting design needs.
As we have improved this, we have also improved the experience in which you select your LED strip lighting and the profile it is housed in. We have a user-friendly selection guide that has all of your LED strip and profile in one place, as well as design ideas and inspiration, to help ensure that you select the correct LED strip lighting for your next project. Our Fusion LED Strip Lighting is customised locally here in Perth. Cut, connected and assembled in our warehouse; we ensure that your LED strip is ready to go as soon as it gets to site.
Click here to see our LED Strip Lighting composition guide, this will help make sure your LED Strip configuration is selected correctly.
We are always looking to expand and develop our collections, which is why our Faze Fusion LED Strip lighting collection now includes more flexible and seamless lighting options.
  • Our Fusion LED Strip has a minimum CRI of 90+, ensuring that they enhance any room with vibrant light and render colour exceptionally.
  • We can customise our Fusion LED strip all the way down to 50mm increments, which means you don’t waste any excess strip. You can also install a maximum run of up to 25m from one power connection, so there are options for commercial projects, as well as residential.
  • With options of 120 or 480 LEDs per meter, our Fusion LED Strip provides smooth, dot-free illumination for any project.
  • Both of our Fusion LED Strips are constructed with 3M VHB Mounting Adhesive, and we are one of the few companies that do so. This adhesive allows for a stronger and more durable bond between the LED Strip and its surface.
Fusion LED Strip Profile:
With new sizes and finishes now available, our Fusion profile series has unleashed a whole new range of lighting opportunities when it comes to LED strip.
With the addition of our nero profiles and diffusers, our LED strip accommodates all new aspects of seamless light; specifically, for projects where a darker design is required to complement a space. They are available in 7 different configurations and also give you more opportunity to mix and match with the other black fittings in our collection, providing much more consistency in your design plan.
For more information regarding any of our Fusion LED Strip Lighting collection, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of our experienced design consultants here or leave a comment below!

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