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By Radiant Lighting | 16 Mar 2020 | 0 Comments

Here at Radiant Lighting we are passionate about lighting. That’s why FAZE, a brand developed by Radiant Lighting, are now the proud owners of the VISO Base Spion® Goniometer. This means that every FAZE product has comprehensive LDT and IES simulation files available. The VISO Light Inspector software which we use alongside the VISO Base Spion® is the strongest and most intuitive light measurement software solution on the market!
Together with the Viso Base Spion® and Viso Light Inspector, we can undertake TM30 testing in-house here at Radiant Lighting! TM30 uses ninety-nine test colours which is then summarised into sixteen colour indexes, where-as CRI only uses eight test colours.
All FAZE products have the necessary test reports available to ensure that you are able to make an informed decision on the desired fittings for your project and their suitability. This includes all requirements to meet the Australian Standards, as well as incorporating necessary requirements as per ACMA/ERAC. This includes but not limited to: ISTMT, LM80, TM21, LM79, EMC and Certificate of Suitability. The UGR Table and the Lifetime of the fitting are also fully available. We want our clients to be confident in their selections and to see the evidence of the quality that FAZE is renowned for.
FAZE, along with Radiant Lighting are proud to have the Base Spion® in-house to lead the way in both the  quality and compliance of products in the market. We pride ourselves on ensuring that the product you receive is the best available - not only through the design but also the functionality and manufacturing so you know that the product you receive has met all the Australian standards and compliance requirements. The Base Spion® ensures the team can stay focused on every quality aspect throughout the Research & Development stage. With the recent arrival of the Base Spion®, this has allowed for FAZE to have the right instruments for our Research & Development, certifying that the end user has peace of mind knowing they have the best quality product for their lighting needs.
IES files are also incredibly useful for lighting plans and software such as Dialux. Dialux is a program that we use here at Radiant Lighting that has a 3D rendering functionality. It is perfect for designing, calculating and visualizing light professionally; for single rooms, whole floors, buildings and outdoor scenes. We are able to insert the files created by our Base Spion® into Dialux, which will then show the exact light emission and how that alters the room in your plan. You no longer have to rely on a 2D plan drawn on paper; with this technology, our lighting consultants have the ability to show you a 3D version of your plan right before your eyes!
Whether it is creating the LDT and IES files or generating the PPFD files for horticultural lighting, we are here to provide this information for your knowledge and understanding of the products that you have selected for your project. Having this inhouse at Radiant Lighting will reduce the timeframe of specifically requested files which in turn, will ensure that we will have these to you, sooner!
As a customer of Radiant Lighting, we understand your needs to have more detailed product specifications and the current legislation calls for endless checking of requirements; the Base Spion® will allow us to offer you this additional information as per requested within days and more often than not, within hours.

If you would like to know more, please get in touch with us here! 

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