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2017 marked the 50 year anniversary of Euroshop, the world’s largest retail fair. Euroshop runs once every 3 years and showcases the latest in innovation and technology specific to the retail market, encompassing fashion, fresh produce, automotive and more.


2017 was the largest fair in history with over 2,368 exhibitors and 113,000 attendees over 5 days.
The Vitra Group has always set the benchmark in being the most anticipated stand at the fair since its inception, and this year they did not disappoint, smashing all expectations by incorporating the full group, Ansorg Lighting and Vizona Systems which are all specialized retail products
Boasting 1100m2, the Vitra | Ansorg | Vizona stand was over a year in design and conception and a mere 2 weeks to construct and dress! 

It would be fair to assume every 113,000 attendees came through the enormous stand, the buzz of the fair with a full smoothie bar and cafe for revelers to sit and enjoy a drink or some West Coast food fair with healthy sliders, wraps and quinoa buddha bowls for all attendees to enjoy. It was standing room only for the full 5 days of the fair, building every day once word got around.
The concept this year was ‘Outdoor California Mall’, featuring five specific brands and retail spaces created for the fair and included Sepio (Health & Beauty), Cory (Fashion), All Goods (Supermarket), Eden (Tech Goods) and Artemis (Automotive). Each brad carefully constructed and incorporating all of the latest in lighting from Ansorg and digital innovation by Vizona and state-of-the-art display systems and furniture by Vitra.


All Goods 

Featuring the produce! The most important component in a supermarket, Ansorg shows how integral lighting is to a food retail market, with innovations in LED chips that make every product in the store shine and also technology to slow its depreciation, it is the most progressive on the market in terms of cutting fresh food wastage.




Cool consumer electronics, this store showcases solutions or a cost conscious retailer with highly efficient lighting options and eliminating glare on the tech products while still drawing in the consumer from a distance.



The city-center car showroom concept that incorporates a toy lover’s dream. A DIY design hub where you can play with new rims, paint clouds, interiors and more. Ansorg lighting makes the retail branding a feature and provides a ‘stay a while’ ambient lighting feel specific for this market.




The health and beauty bar. Specifically designed to create a wholly organic feel for the health conscious consumer. Softer lighting and natural finishes with some simple but effective digital solutions for consumers to source products and information via a touch screen and have it home delivered if preferred, on the spot.




The fashion retail sector was treated to varied lighting displays showcasing the product and highlighting the impact of great colour rendering on product colours and finishes in perfect detail. 



All Goods Bar

Keeping the team and attendees refreshed throughout the day, this play on an outdoor mall concept was dressed with palm trees, cactus and succulents not common to Dusseldorf! The Suno lighting featured was set on a white wave illumination meaning the light colour would change throughout the day dependant on the time and occasion. Fresh white lighting early morning through to dimmed, warm lighting for the DJ and drinks at happy hour, and it was definitely the happiest hour after long days for all.


Feature Products

Coming soon to Radiant lighting. Navo NSH DF/DFF available now.

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