Bathroom Lighting - Inspiration and handy guidelines for your new build or renovation.

Bathroom Lighting - Inspiration and handy guidelines for your new build or renovation.

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Bathrooms. The beginning and end of most days. Your sanctuary. Design elements can be so varied, an opportunity to be daring in a smaller space with bold tiles, paint, wall paper, vanity, fixings. For some it is a place for calm, soothing tones of neutrality.

In most homes the bathroom is nothing if not militantly functional, where lighting is really pushed to perform at its most effective level. In creating a lighting design, we focus on the following key factors;
Colour rendering. Most important in every room of the house. The colour rendering index (CRI) is a scale from 1 to 100 percent, indicating how effective the lamp is at rendering colour. Essentially you should always source lighting with a CRI over 80 and in the case if LED downlighting in particular we recommend a CRI of 90 as a minimum. A high CRI will bring colour and life to your furnishings, finishes and most importantly when we are talking about the bathroom it will improve the look of your skin tone immeasurably. If you ever remember looking ‘washed out’ under certain lighting, it is 100% likely that the CRI is very low.
Placement is one of the primary areas to consider, in particular vanity lighting. In the event you prefer to use a simple downlight, if the downlight isn’t positioned correctly, it can create shadowing on the face or if positioned too far back from the vanity, it will fail to be functional at all. We would always suggest ensuring the light is able to illuminate the face effectively for shaving or make up application. There is the option of using a fixed or adjustable downlight, in which case the latter all provide a bit more flexibility.
In addition to this there is the never-ending playground of vanity lighting. We have seen pendant lighting trend in bathrooms and powder rooms a lot over the past several years. The functionality of this kind of lighting is dependant on whether there is already ‘general’ lighting used. Often times there will be the use of downlights or a central oyster light. In this instance you could have some fun with the type of light output, as you won’t be reliant on this for any functional purpose. Outside of this, we would always recommend a pendant that provides a diffused broad light output, to illuminate the face effectively. 
Positioning and safety. There are a few rules to consider, set by the Building Code of Australia. These stipulate specific areas in the bathroom close to bodies of water, so basins, baths and showers. Lighting must be a certain distance away from these areas and the voltage reaching that fitting must also be considered, as the electrician can refuse to install it. Your lighting design consultant should be well informed about these stipulations so always be sure to stay within the guidelines to avoid any disappointment.
If you would like to discuss what’s possible in new lighting design elements and luminaries to inspire or guide you with your new build or renovation, please feel free to contact us at Radiant Lighting on 1300 438 609. All of the latest in lighting is on our website for you to enjoy now.

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