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So much goes into the design of every single FAZE luminaire, with all of it occurring right here by our team. A passion for lighting combined with extensive trend and market research is where it all begins - and where it ends is at the final product of your new project.
Design & Collaboration
Our design team works collaboratively from ideation to realisation, not only with each other but with architects, engineers, electricians, builders and designers. Exploring what they look for when choosing lights for their projects helps us to find the gaps in the market. We can then branch out and expand on those ideas to create something truly remarkable. Hearing the opinion of those who are in the design and construction field and what they believe makes a great space in terms of lighting also lets us know which of our fittings are working, as well as the ones that can be further developed and enhanced in the future. This whole process shows us how we can push the boundaries and seek new possibilities in our lighting design.
LED Technology
Our latest collection of luminaires goes above and beyond anything currently available, both technologically and aesthetically. We have spent years researching the lighting industry and our advanced product development knowledge is second to none. This doesn’t mean that we are complacent; in fact, we are continuously challenging ourselves to create the best products for our clients and customers. From our advanced flicker-free drivers that eliminate flicker completely and therefore eliminate serious health risks - to our deep set LED heat sinks that reduce glare for the highest possible light emission; all of these specific light components have been carefully thought out and trialled to make sure they work together to give you the highest quality fitting that will last for many years.
We source the best quality materials from all over the world, including the highest-grade Citizen LED chips straight from Japan. These chips combined with sophisticated lens and reflector technology help guide virtually every ray of light emitted by the LED, enhancing visual comfort and reducing glare. With sustainability in mind, we also do our best to design products that are environmentally conscious, including components that can be replaced and added to over time. Some of these components include our opal diffusers; with increased lumen output and softer light emission, these result in significantly enhanced visual comfort. Quick connection systems (including integrated drivers) are another component that we pride ourselves on as a faster install means lower labour costs, which results in ease and simplicity for all involved.
Continued advancement
Lastly, we always endeavour to stay up to date with the continued advancement and development of LED technology - this provides us with endless possibilities to expand and grow our already extensive collection of luminaires, as well have the ability to make sure that every product stamped with our logo has the best optical performance, no matter the project.
Our aim is to create unique designs that will go on to be a part of amazing lighting solutions. If you would like more information on any of our luminaires or have an upcoming project you would like us to be a part of, then please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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