Inroducing Fontana Arte to Cafe Culture+Insitu

Inroducing Fontana Arte to Cafe Culture+Insitu

By Radiant Lighting | 20 Oct 2016 | 0 Comments

Since the Café Culture Insitu’s new showroom reveal back in June, we’ve been dying to go to Sydney to explore this magnificent space. We were lucky enough to visit both Sydney and Melbourne Café Culture showrooms. Their space never seizes to amaze us every time we visit, we couldn’t ignore the Sydney showroom’s new café addition. The Café creates a great vibe – Who doesn’t love sipping on coffee while looking at great lighting and furniture?

We spent our time introducing Fontana Arte’s representative to the Café Culture team and updating them on the latest Fontana Arte releases. It was our pleasure to introduce our Radiant Lighting partners to Fontana Arte and we look forward to returning.

Cafe Culture Insitu Melbourne


Abedo by Fontana Arte


Cafe Culture Insitu Sydney


Pangen by Fontana Arte


Fontana Arte - Latest Release


Pendant lamp. Transparent blown glass diffuser or milky white acid-etched diffuser. Nickel-plated metal cage. Transparent power cord. Steel suspension cable.



Table lamp. Head in aluminum alloy and base in zama alloy, both die cast; diffuser made of polymer. Driver on cable with multiple and “plug&play” power cord, both black. ON / OFF control and dimmer on the base. The lamp is provided with USB port ( 1A - 5V) for charging cellular devices.



Apex is a wall and ceiling lamp that is distinguished by its elegant, streamlined design and eye-shaped center. Each end of the lighting fixture tapers off and almost disappears into its surroundings, while at the same time emitting a powerful, functional blade of light. Apex can be installed horizontally, vertically or to form a beam of light across the ceiling. Available glossy white, blue and black. 


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